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Authentic Taste

At Matsuri, we always prepare great foods and drinks made from the best ingredients, in order to create Japanese dishes that give a feeling for our culture and history.


You can feast with all your senses as you watch your chosen ingredients, from sizzling steak to live lobster and seasonal vegetables, being grilled lightly before your eyes and cooked to your personal requirement by the chef. Here, the experience of eating is complemented by the visual experience in which you watch the theatrical artistry of specially trained and highly skilled chefs performing in front of their customers.

Sushi Bar

You can delight in our freshly prepared sushi at the Sushi Counter, where it is served at its optimum temperature - the rice at around 35º C and the fish between 4 and 7º C. As well as attending to the freshness of the fish, we ensure that the sushi rice does not impair the flavour of the fish by cooking it in mineral water. You can enjoy the spectacle of the sushi being prepared before your eyes in a matter of seconds and presented beautifully, for to the Japanese, eating is more than appeasing your appetite - how a dish looks is as important as how it tastes.

If more privacy is desired, we have two private rooms with Teppan-yaki tables which can be reserved as a single room (8 people maximum), or as a double room (16 people maximum).